Scott Redmond

What I'm doing now

Updated 8-Jun-2020

Sheltering in place

We've fallen into a daily routine that's working well enough. I'm enjoying some unexpected benefits, like having more time to keep in touch with family and bonding with the kids.

Software consulting

For 4 hours each morning I consult for a local software company. It's a 50/50 mix of PHP programming and more general project management.

In the afternoons, I'm challenging myself to solve coding challenges at Codewars. I'm challenging myself to solve each problem in multiple ways, for example trying to make the code run faster, use different data structures, use (or avoid) regression. I like comparing my approach with other people's solutions so I can learn from my own work and from others.

Looking for a job

I'm also taking my time while looking for a full-time job. Ideally I'd lke to join a fast-moving development team where I can really dig in to solve complex problems.

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